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Humphrey the polar bear melts our hearts in new video from Toronto Zoo

It's official: The only man needed in this life is a polar bear named Humphrey.

The 9-month-old polar bear at the Toronto Zoo started getting worldwide attention in January after he adorably tried taking his first steps, and the cuteness hasn't stopped since. Last week, Humphrey was caught on camera exploring his new habitat and learning that the deep end of the pool is a bit scary, even for a polar bear. 

Seeing Humphrey almost grown up made us feel like the 5-year-old who wants her brother to stay a baby forever. A visit to Toronto may need to be on your 2014 bucket list. Until you get there, here's a stroll down memory lane:

Humphrey tries to roll over

We dare you not to try and audibly "aw" around the one-minute mark.

Humphrey (kind of) takes his first steps

It may have looked less like actual walking and more like he had a few too many drinks, but when Humphrey stood up and tried to take this first few steps, we fell in love. 

Humphrey adorably reveals his name to the world

At 4-months-old, Humphrey revealed, well, that his name was Humphrey and all our ice-cold hearts melted forever.