How would a dog wear pants? The Internet finally has an answer

/ Source: TODAY

How would a dog wear pants? If canines could talk, they'd probably tell you they'd rather not wear them at all.

But they can't! So this week the Internet attended to the important doggy-pants debate.

A goofy graphic depicting a dog wearing pants two different ways went viral on Facebook and Twitter on Monday, landing on the front page of Reddit Tuesday.

Now, after plenty of debate over the four-leg vs. two-leg trouser designs, it seems Team Two Legs in firmly in the lead.

An informal Twitter survey reveals that a full 81 percent of people believe that if pooches wore pants, they'd only cover the hind end.

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TODAY's Dylan Dreyer confirmed that result with an at-home test involving her little buddy Bosco.

So that's settled!

Right? Well ...

Maybe there's room for compromise.

Hey, if we can't agree on the pants, can we at least agree about the belt loops?

Never mind!

As far as Wrangler, our puppy with a purpose, is concerned, pants just aren't important. It's all about another fashionable essential for him!

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