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6 ways to keep your dog cool in the summer heat

Plus, signs that your dog is suffering from heat exhaustion.
/ Source: TODAY

Ongoing heat waves amid summer's already warmer temperatures have dogs clawing to stay cool.

Celebrity dog trainer Tom Davis dropped by the 3rd hour of TODAY July 25 and said panting, a bright red mouth, lethargy, bloodshot eyes, loss of appetite or elasticity, and vomiting are all signs of a dog suffering from heat exhaustion.

Davis shared six tips on how to prevent heat exhaustion in dogs and how to cool them down if they've already overheated.

Don't leave your dog unattended in cars

"First thing that unfortunately takes the lives of many dogs in the country is cars," he said. "Got to make sure that if you're going to leave your dog in a car for whatever reason that they have somebody in the car with them to make sure that the AC didn't get shut off, or the car didn't automatically shut off, with all the technology we have now."

He said cracking the window open is not enough because anything over 70 degrees "can be ultimately deadly for a dog left in a car."

Go out for walks early in the morning or evening

"You want to go out in the early morning when it's not so hot and then maybe later in the evening, where again temperatures cool down so it's a little bit safer for the dogs," he said.

Stay in the shade

"Of course, staying in the shade, that's going to be really huge as you're walking, if you can find shade, if you can find trees," he said.

He also recommended walking on pavement that's in the shade so the ground isn't too hot for paws.

Never shave your dog

"Typically, dogs will have two coats: an insulator coat, the fluffy coat, and then a guard hair coat, which is the coarse coat," Davis explained.

"If we shave a dog with an insulator coat and a guard hair coat, what ends up happening is we're taking away all that natural insulation," he said. "So now the dog has no protection, so then the sun comes down (on them and) it makes them hotter. So the coat can actually insulate them for the better to keep them cool."

Keep your dog hydrated

Davis recommended giving dogs fresh, cool water regularly to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion. He also said adding in electrolytes can help. He further recommended kibble that has been soaked in water.

Other ways to keep your dog cool

There are a lot of tricks to keeping dogs cool, including rubbing ice cubes on them, spraying them with water, having them wear shoes for their paws, applying sunscreen, having them wear a cooling vest and carrying a dog water bottle for them to use as needed.