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How much is that doggie a Texas teen wants? 100,000 retweets!

When Clara Foster's dad said she could have a new puppy if she got 100,000 retweets, he may not have reckoned on the power of the Internet.
/ Source: TODAY

You might remember the not-so-serious but oh-so-important bets you used to make with your dad when you were a kid.

Well, those age-old family wagers are getting a major 21st century upgrade, thanks to one headstrong 17-year-old from Houston, Texas.

When Clara Foster's 13-year-old springer spaniel, Fuchsia, had to be put down, she decided to ask her father, Tony Foster, what she could do to make her wish of getting a new puppy come true.

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She brought up the idea of retweets. If she were to get enough of them, she offered, would he give in and let her have that new puppy?

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Surprisingly, her dad agreed, and told her to get 1 million retweets. Then and only then would he consider the new addition to their family.

A bit of dogged dickering via text (a hopeful "100,000?" followed by a simple "K") and Clara had lowered the stakes (not to mention raised her chances).

Today Clara's father, a professor at Lone Star College in the Kingwood area of Houston, might be doing a double take. More than 36,000 retweets later, it looks like Foster's dream just might come true.

And all thanks to strangers on the Internet.

"I got about 100 the first night and I thought that was crazy," Clara wrote to The Huffington Post.

"I think my dad didn't realize that this was even possible for me, but he is beginning to realize that he might owe me a puppy!"