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'He's a ham': Panda caught on camera playing in the snow

At least someone is enjoying the snow!

The Toronto Zoo closed early on Wednesday due to a snowstorm, and while that left several zoo-goers disappointed to be heading home early, 5-year-old giant panda Da Mao thought it called for a party.

A security camera in his enclosure caught the playful panda frolicking and rolling around in the falling snow. And then, in what might be the cutest moment of the year, he somersaulted over a cave and fell onto the fluffy snow. 

"He's a ham," Toronto Zoo's curator of mammals Maria Franke told She said that when he's not tumbling around in blizzards, Da Mao's favorite activity is to sprint down a hill in the enclosure. "He should be a luge runner in the Olympics."

Our partners at Now This News had some fun imagining Da Mao as a Canadian medal contender. Let the games begin!