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Heroic deputies pull trapped dog from icy reservoir waters — see the video

A dog named Sadie was scooped up to safety on an air boat after falling into the water following 5 days stranded on an icy Utah reservoir.
/ Source: TODAY

Trapped on an icy Utah reservoir with no food for five days, a dog named Sadie desperately needed a helping hand.

Swooping in for a dramatic rescue was the Utah County Sheriff's Office, which used an air boat to help scoop up the stranded pup after she fell through some thin ice.

Lt. Wally Perschon captured the daring rescue on video as search and rescue volunteer Toby Norton pulled the dog from the frigid waters at Deer Creek Reservoir in neighboring Wasatch County on March 4.

Sadie had been stranded since Feb. 29 after getting loose from her owner's property.

"Multiple people had attempted to coax the dog off the frozen lake or had tried to rescue it during that four-day period, but all attempts were unsuccessful because the dog kept running away,'' Utah County Sheriff's Lt. Yvette Rice told in an email.

"The dog had not eaten anything during those four days and rescuers were concerned about its well-being."

Officers from Deer Creek State Park initially tried to rescue Sadie by taking canoes out onto the ice, but she kept running away.

The sheriff's office was called and brought its newly-acquired air boat. Rice said it was the first time they used the heavy-duty craft to rescue an animal in distress.

While Sadie falling through the ice was a scary situation, it actually aided the rescue because it kept her in one place.

Plus, she was trapped in an area the boat could get to, rather than a solid piece of ice.

"It was only in the water for a couple of seconds and the dog appears to be doing well after its ordeal," Rice said.

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