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Hero husky! Rescued dog saves family's lives

Hunter and his adopted parents.

At only three months old, one newly-adopted puppy is already being called a hero.

Jill McLarty and her husband, Tim, adopted Hunter, a husky mix, in February from the Michigan Human Society. Little did they know that the puppy they just rescued would soon rescue them.

When Tim first saw Hunter on the Michigan Humane Society’s website, he immediately knew he was meant to come home with him. “I looked right at him and was like ‘Yeah, ugh, look at that face,’” he says in a video on the Michigan Humane Society’s website. “I just fell in love with him.”

Three-month-old Hunter plays at the McLarty home.

And just two weeks after being adopted, Hunter proved his love for them as well.

Jill woke up around midnight on March 5 to Hunter whining near the bed. “Normally he’ll hit you in the face with his paw when he wants to go out, but he was just consistently crying,” she says in the video.

She took him outside to see if he needed to go to the bathroom, but Hunter only sat in the yard and continued to cry. When she took the dog back to her bed to try and calm him down, he jumped off, opened the door and began spinning in circles. Once Jill got out of bed again, Hunter immediately led her to the kitchen, where he sat next to the stove and continued to cry.

“I glanced at it and that’s when I noticed the burner on,” she said. “No flames. No nothing. Just the gas coming out.”

Hunter led his owner to the kitchen, where the stove was leaking gas.

Jill guessed that the burner had been leaking gas since she made dinner the night prior, approximately six hours before Hunter led her to the kitchen. “He saved our lives,” Tim says in the video. “Anything could have happened that night.”

Minutes after Jill turned off the stove and went back to her bedroom, Hunter was fast asleep.

"He's the best dog ever," Jill said. 

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