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Happy World Penguin Day! Name this chick

The African penguin chick learned to swim before joining the colony on exhibit.

It’s World Penguin Day, a glorious holiday dedicated to our finned (sometimes sweater-wearing) friends who are perpetually suited up for cocktail parties. And why not celebrate by doing your civic duty and giving one of these dandy fellows a name?

This African penguin hatched at the California Academy of Sciences on January 28, and recently joined friends and family in the facility’s exhibit space. The Academy is holding a naming contest for him, which ends April 30, so submit your suggestions while you have the chance. The public will then vote on three final monikers selected by the staff.

He's the first to hatch at the new Academy building, which opened in 2008.

And how is the little guy taking to his new habitat? Well, the kid is all right.

“He’s doing great overall. His parents still feed him (via regurgitation), but he’s also learning to get his own fish during feeding time,” California Academy of Sciences spokesperson Andrew Ng told “He can often be found hanging out by his parents’ nest box (he won’t try to seek out his own territory for a few years). The other penguins in the colony have accepted his presence peacefully.”

Take a look at more photos taken during his first few months of life below. And be sure to check out our penguin page for more adorableness.

Here he as a fuzzy newborn at 14 days old.

He finally joins the others during his first day on public exhibit, April 10.

The rest of the colony checks out their newest resident as the male chick stands front and center.