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Gymnast Aly Raisman reunited with her missing dog

Mylo went missing during the holiday weekend after being spooked by fireworks.
/ Source: TODAY

Former gymnast Aly Raisman reunited on Friday with her beloved dog Mylo after he went missing over the Fourth of July weekend.

The two-time Olympian, 27, said he was spooked by fireworks and ran off during the holiday and begged her followers in the Boston area to be on the lookout for the pup.

Friday, two people (and one dog, it seems) came through and helped reunite Raisman with Mylo.

"HEREOS. I HAVE HIM. MYLO IS SAFE," Raisman shared on Instagram. "THANK YOU Carla, Gayle & her sweet dog. Will share more soon but for now going to snuggle with my everything."

Raisman didn't explain how the two had helped track down the dog, but she had previously warned her followers not to shout his name or chase him.

"He is terrified, and the folks at Missing Dogs Mass advised that we don’t have anyone yelling his name or running around looking for him. I was told that scared dogs will make bad decisions if they are pressured, and that is the last thing that we want to have happen," she wrote, offering a reward and asking fans to send their tips to her personal email. "Please keep your eyes open, he could be trapped or hiding."

Dogs can hear about four times better than humans and are known to startle during Independence Day fireworks displays. Online lost-pet-finder system reports an increase of 30% to 60% in shelters over the holiday weekend each year.

Certified applied animal behaviorist Emily Weiss previously told TODAY that dog owners should be sure to tire their pets out before nightfall, ensure that all doors and windows are closed ahead of any fireworks displays and to redirect the animal's attention by playing so the dog associates the loud sounds with something positive like playing.