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This guy made tiny pancakes for his girlfriend's kitten while she was away

There's only one logical thing to do when your girlfriend leaves town for the weekend: Feed her cat pancakes.
/ Source: TODAY

Gentlemen, there's really only one logical thing to do when your girlfriend leaves town for the weekend: Feed her kitten pancakes.

A miniature, kitten-sized stack of pancakes, of course.

"She went on some kind of a school trip," Chase Stout, the Iowa resident with said unsuspecting girlfriend, told TODAY in a phone interview. "She was joking to me, like, you know, 'Don't forget to feed the cat!'"

And forget he did not.

In a tweet that's since gone viral, the little kitten, who's nearly a month old, is pictured sitting in front of a tiny stack of pancakes.

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"See, I knew she was kind of worried, and I also know that cats shouldn't eat chocolate, but I wanted to tease her a bit," he said. "So I sent her a text, and I said, 'Hey, does Wilson like chocolate in his pancakes?' and then I sent her a photo of him with his tiny stack."

There's no chocolate in the stack — a fact Stout later clarified in a follow-up tweet.

The idea to screenshot that conversation, make the pancakes, snap a few photos and share them on Twitter was a relatively serendipitous one (besides, you know, all the planning and painstaking tiny-pancake making). Stout simply thought some buddies would get a good laugh out of it.

That's why, when the 'cakes and the kitten garnered the world's attention, Stout was pretty shocked.

"It's been crazy," he laughed. "I was super surprised. I mean, I thought I'd get maybe 10 tweets or 10 favorites back. But with all the negative things going on in the world, my girlfriend and I are definitely happy to be sharing something positive like this."

All the attention has been more than just gratifying; it's been downright inspiring. In fact, Stout's ready for his next star turn as chef.

"I definitely plan to make more of these small meals for him."

So, what's next on the menu?