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Gorilla fascinated by young man's phone at Louisville Zoo

Obsessed with your smartphone? Rest assured, you're not alone. Even gorillas can't get enough of the gadgets!
/ Source: TODAY

It seems like we just can't get enough of our smartphones these days. Between emails, texts, photos, apps and more, we barely look away from our favorite gadgets.

But rest assured, we're not the only ones who find the phones fascinating!

As one zoo-goer recently learned, even gorillas can't get enough of them.

When the young man showed his phone to a western lowland gorilla from Kentucky's Louisville Zoo, the great ape couldn't take his eyes off it.

The zoo visitor scrolled through photos of other gorillas from the same habitat as Jelani settled in on the opposite side of the glass barrier between them, clearly captivated by what he saw.

While the scene seemed to surprise onlookers, Jelani's interest in the handheld device comes as no shock to zookeepers. On the Louisville Zoo's website, Jelani's description includes a nod to his tech interest.

"He is a laid-back individual and likes to look at cellphone photos and videos," his brief bio reads.

Who doesn't?

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