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Golden retriever puppy mistakes reflection for new doggy pals

Making friends can be hard, but for this golden retriever puppy, finding like-minded pals is a breeze!
/ Source: TODAY

Making friends can be hard. Though having strong relationships is a vital part of life, sometimes it can be a bit awkward to try and forge new bonds — that is, unless you're a dog.

One adorable puppy just found what she thinks is a new group of playmates, but spoiler alert: It's her own reflection!

In a clip posted to YouTube yesterday, a super cuddly golden retriever is loving her reflection, but not in the way you might think. (Though, when you're that cute, what's not to love?)

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The little puppy is having a blast playing with her reflection in the mirror, thinking it's not just one, but three new friends to run and jump with!

The puppy continues to chase around her new friends, excited to have so many playmates! This takes the concept of being your own best friend to another level.

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The owners can't stop laughing from the cuteness overload and neither can we! Puppy videos for the win!