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Golden retriever freaks out when car window wiper turns on

His owner may think it's funny but we bet this pup doesn't. See how Enzo ducks for cover when the car's rear window wiper starts swinging.
/ Source: TODAY

It's only natural to get a little freaked out during a thunderstorm.

But if the reason you're spooked has to do with a normal, everyday, rain-swiping window wiper in your car, well ... you've got bigger problems, my friend.

The "you" in this particular case is a golden retriever puppy named Enzo, whose owner shot video of the pooch repeatedly ducking for cover every time the rear window's wiper swings up.

It's pretty hilarious, but not for Enzo.

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"It's just a funny moment when you find out your dog is scared of something really stupid, like a car wiper," wrote Alexandra Rodz, Enzo's owner, on her YouTube post. "He isn't scared of anything except this, and the vacuum cleaner."

At least it's good to know Enzo has some rational fears. Vacuum cleaners, man. Scary.