Giant panda has a ball destroying snowman zookeepers built for him

/ Source: TODAY

This panda playing with a snowman is the dose of Christmas cheer you never knew you needed!

The giant panda, Da Mao, lives at the Toronto Zoo.

The zookeepers wanted to make the holiday season more enjoyable for Da Mao, so they built him a snowman.

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At first, Da Mao innocently paws the snow away from his new winter sculpture.

Next, he attempts to climb on top of the snowman because why not?

Then, Da Mao reaches peak happiness on top of the snowman's head for just a few seconds ... until he loses his balance and tumbles to the ground.

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Things really take a turn for Da Mao when the head of the snowman slides off and proceeds to slam into his face after he's already hit the ground.

Rest assured, Da Mao hops back to his feet within seconds and climbs back onto the remainder of the snowman in no time!

He continues to roll on and off the snowball, and it never stops being adorable.

Talk about panda-monium at its finest!