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Get in my belly! Giant panda gets up close and personal with camera

There are inside scoops, and there are inside scoops.
/ Source: TODAY

This panda's really putting his teeth into this story (and the camera)!

In a hilarious video getting big buzz on YouTube, two fuzzy giant pandas bumble their way through a play yard on a sunny day while a camera on a tripod films their every adorable move.

Flop! They land on the ground and do a little rolling before seeming to discover a strange new toy on the ground.

That's when we get an up-close-and-personal shot of one panda's muzzle and nose. A paw lashes out, the camera turns over and then ... it all goes black.

Pandas stumble upon camera
Two pandas and a brave little camera.People's Daily/YouTube

Then it goes pink! With tiny teeth and a bumpy tongue and ... aaaah!

This camera, we think, has gone where only bamboo has gone before. We applaud the sacrifice, made in the name of cute.

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