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French bulldog stays cool under the collar – in a fridge!

If we could fit, we'd do the same!
/ Source: TODAY

This summer, a lot of animals have been trying to beat the heat, and we don't blame them. From frozen treats to kiddie pools, they've been conquering this (never ending!) heat wave.

But one French bulldog may have figured out the simplest and easiest way to cool off, no frozen food or tubs of ice involved. He just walked right into his fridge.

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In this clip posted on Youtube, the pudgy little guy, named Elvis, walks determinedly, straight across his kitchen floor, to the open refrigerator.

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The Frenchie trots right in, and plops himself on the lowest shelf of the side door. And he couldn't be any more satisfied with himself — his mouth curves into a little smile as he cools off.

A tour de force, Monsieur Elvis! Extraordinaire!