Frank, the bull rescued by Jon Stewart, arrives at Farm Sanctuary

/ Source: TODAY

Remember the bull rescued by comedian Jon Stewart? You can now breathe easy — because he's found a safe home!

A two-minute clip, posted to YouTube on Monday, captures Frank the bull's long-awaited journey to Farm Sanctuary — where he will happily live out the rest of his days with a few other bull besties.

Earlier this month, Frank jumped off a slaughterhouse-bound truck in New York, ran for his life and, in a strange turn of events, was rescued by the former "Daily Show" host and his wife, Tracey Stewart.

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The bull spent a weekend at the Stewarts' farm, as well as rehabilitation time at the Animal Care Center of NYC in Brooklyn and the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, before beginning his journey to Farm Sanctuary.

The farm also shared updates with followers on Twitter and posted a sweet picture of the bull's arrival.

"Home at last!" — and it looks like he had his own sweet welcoming committee, too.