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Fox family moves into den on Facebook campus

A Facebook fox lounges in the sun on the company's California campus.

Caution: What you are about to read may incite office envy.

Facebook employees are enjoying an unusual office perk — the chance to watch a fox family that has made its home on the company's Menlo Park, Calif., campus.

The California gray foxes, a mother and her three little ones, even have their own Facebook page, FB Fox, which has garnered over 10,000 likes and counting. Employees are snapping shots of the quartet taking adorable afternoon naps and evening strolls, and, in true Facebook fashion, sharing them on the page. Not a bad way to spend a lunch break.

Of course, the foxes' fans have been instructed to respect their privacy and share photos, not lunches. "Please honor the MPK Fox — no chasing or feeding — just mutual respect," the page's description reads.

Facebook is working with wildlife services to learn how to best coexist with the foxes, Facebook spokesperson Jessie Baker said.

Alexis Smith, a member of Facebook's marketing department, created the page on April 23, though the foxes have been hanging around since December of 2011 when the company moved in. The mother fox, who some have affectionately dubbed “Firefox,” settled on the zen garden in between the product and sales building as a perfect place to give birth, and her family has stuck around ever since, showing up on basketball courts, "Hacker Square" and building walkways.

"Alexis noticed that many employees were posting pictures of the fox, so she decided to create a Facebook page as a place where we could share all the photos together and honor the fox," Facebook spokesperson Jessie Baker told

The mother fox takes a stroll around campus.

At the very end of April, photos of the babies started popping up on the page, and we suspect they had something to do with the sudden spike in traffic — well, that and an endorsement from Mark Zuckerberg himself. After he liked the page, the site went from having a few hundred fans to more than 3,000 in just 12 hours.

The fox family now has its own Instagram account as well, with the hashtag #fbfox.