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Fish swimming inside a jellyfish is both beautiful and horrifying

On first glance, this little oceanic swimmer seems to have found a terrific way to protect himself. On second glance, things are less clear.
/ Source: TODAY

Photos of a fish swimming inside of a jellyfish are riding a tidal wave of excitement across the internet today.

In the photos, originally posted by Tim Samuel late last year but only now getting serious attention after being republished by DiscoverOcean, the yellow and orange fish is engulfed by the translucent jellyfish, which is just about his size.

It's as if he's slipped on a protective dress, and it's totally mesmerizing.

Samuel wrote in the caption, "I found a fish inside a jellyfish! He was trapped in there, but controlled where the jellyfish was moving."

He saw the fish while swimming off the north coast of New South Wales in Australia.

"I knew I had stumbled upon something pretty special, but I didn't realise no one had photographed this behaviour before, and I haven't heard of anyone ever seeing this before," he wrote.

One of the images shows the fish looking rather worried, with wide eyes and a downturned mouth ... but of course, that's what fish look like.

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But the long term doesn't look good for the little guy. Yeah, he can get around but we're not 100 percent sure he can eat with that jelly-fied sheath around him.

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But maybe he'll find a way to escape. As the ocean shows us, any-fin is possible!

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