First dogs Bo and Sunny help deck the White House halls for Christmas

/ Source: TODAY

It can be a challenge to decorate any home for the holidays, but when your home is as big as the White House, the task can be doggone ruff!

So it's a good thing that the first family has a couple of pooches willing to lend a paw.

Bo and Sunny, the Obamas' Portuguese water dogs, can be seen sitting next to a couple of big boxes of ornaments and a tree in the Oval Office in a photo Michelle Obama shared on Instagram.

The dogs were also there to welcome the main White House Christmas tree as it arrived.

"You guys good with it?" the first lady asked in a clip she posted.

If pulling their leashes in the opposite direction means yes, then they sure were!

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The first pups have always played a big role at holidays.

Last year, they inspired a White House baker when it came time to make cookies.

And Bo became a Christmas star when he was immortalized as an animatronic decoration called the "Bo-Bot".

Of course, the real Bo is just as festive!

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