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Firefighter rescues dog from icy pond

Huckleberry the dog fell through the ice, and was rescued by a firefighter.

A firefighter rescued a golden retriever that fell into a Connecticut pond Wednesday morning, authorities said. The dog appears to be in good condition.

Westport Fire Department received a call that the 9-year-old pup, Huckleberry, fell through the ice at the end of Hales Road, authorities said. Rescuers were able to respond immediately.

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Once officials arrived, one of the firefighters threw on his ice rescue suit and rushed into the icy pond while tethered to a single rope from the shore.

After he was saved, the dog was taken to Shulhof Animal Hospital.

Anyone who sees a person or animal that has fallen onto the ice is reminded to never walk out unless they are absolutely sure it is safe. If conditions appear dangerous, call 911.

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