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Feline pine?! Can you spot the cat hidden in this pile of logs?

One crafty kitty found a great spot to nap. Can you find him?
/ Source: TODAY

Anyone who's lived with a cat knows they're experts at hiding in little nooks for naps — but a cat hiding in plain sight?

The chameleon-like cat hidden in this pile of fireplace wood has managed to do just that.

waterhauler via Reddit

Reddit user waterhauler shared the perplexing photo on Sunday, confounding others on the site who tried to find the cat amid the stacks of wood, tall green trees, twigs, and shadows.

Can you spot the kitty? Scroll down to find the answer.

Take a slow look around. Where would a cat nap outside like this?

Is it there on the shed roof in the photo's upper left corner?

Maybe on the ground lying next to the fence post?

Did it climb up a tree to rest on one of its branches?

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Give up?

Are you ready to know the answer?

You're sure?

Okay, move your eyes to the middle stack of fire wood and then slowly move them up near the top of the stack until — do you see him? Snoozing against the very first log?

He's right there!

Cat in a log

Talk about a pussycat puzzle!

Now that's one crafty cat!