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Family whose Santa Rosa home burned to the ground finds dog safe

The Weavers reunited with Izzy one day after their Santa Rosa, California, home burned to the ground.
/ Source: TODAY

The Weaver family home in Santa Rosa, California, used to look like this.

Jack Weaver

But on October 9, residents Clint Weaver, 68, and Kathy Weaver, 62, awoke in the middle of the night to find their beautiful home transformed into an inferno.

"They had to drive through walls of flames and across a burning wooden bridge to get to mark west springs road and to safety," Beckyjean Widen, the couple's daughter, wrote in a Facebook post. "They lost everything."

But one loss hurt even more than watching their home burn to the ground: leaving behind their 9-year-old Bernese mountain dog, Izzy, who "bolted in another direction" as the couple fled the property, the couple's son, Jack Weaver, 37, told NBC News.

The next day, Jack Weaver returned to the scene to get some video footage of the house's remnants for his parents. What he found was shocking ... in the best way possible.

Izzy had survived.

"When she came exploding out, that was an incredibly gratifying moment,” Jack Weaver told NBC News, adding, "I was so excited that I dropped the phone."

Izzy smelled of soot and was covered in ashes — but the two-time canine cancer survivor has made it back to her loving family.

Jack Weaver

As for the rest of the Weavers, Clint underwent surgery for a dislocated bone in his arm. Kathy was physically unharmed, but is still processing the traumatic experience.

“(My mom has) gone through a lot. The goal was to try to put her mind at ease one way or the other,” Jack said of returning to the home for the footage. “We didn’t believe (Izzy) would’ve survived."

Jack Weaver

Good thing this 115-pound pup is a fighter — just like the rest of her family. Best of luck to all of the Weavers as they recover and rebuild.