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Fairytale ending: 3 little bears get rescued from captivity

Three little bears were rescued last week from two homes in Kosovo.

Bear cubs may live in houses in fairy tales, but in real life, it’s against the law in Kosovo to keep wild animals as pets. Authorities are particularly strict when it comes to holding brown bears captive, as they’re endangered.

The bear cubs, named Ema, Oska, and Ron, are just six weeks old and are believed to be siblings. They were found in two separate homes in the western town of Peja after activists learned on Facebook of their captivity. No arrests have been made, the Associated Press reported.

The trio of cubs is adjusting to a wilder existence at a bear sanctuary in the Sharr Mountains.

"The cubs were stressed upon arrival but are recovering well", said Afrim Mehmeti, manager of a bear sanctuary run by international animal charity group Four Paws.

They will spend at least a year under supervision before being released into the wilderness.