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Face-planting Jack Russell wins hearts with adorably terrible dog show run

A Jack Russell terrier named Olly energetically went off script during an adorably bad run at a dog show to the delight of everyone watching.
/ Source: TODAY

This adorable Jack Russell terrier has the drive, determination and all-out hustle to be a dog show champion.

There's just that whole pesky business of running in the right direction and not face-planting on the jumps that has to be ironed out.

A Jack Russell terrier named Olly stole the show at the Crufts 2017 dog show in Birmingham, England, over the weekend, with his energetic and misguided performance.

The little guy was flying around, often in the wrong direction, and failed to stick a landing on one of the hurdles, but his sheer effort made him a winner.

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His performance was reminiscent of Mia, the beagle who stole everyone's heart at the Westminster Dog Show in New York City last month with her entertainingly distracted run.

While Mia often slowed down to take a look around, Olly went all out, regardless if he was going in the right direction.

"Olly is totally crazy, as you can see,'' the show's commentator said during the broadcast. "He's having a ball."

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