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No kidding! More than 100 rogue goats descend on Idaho neighborhood

Dozens of goats that belong to We Rent Goats, a company that rents its herds to brush up pastures, escaped an enclosed pond area in a residential area in Idaho.
/ Source: TODAY

You've goat to be kidding me!

Residents in West Boise, Idaho, were surely dumbfounded Friday morning when they stepped outside their front doors to find dozens of hungry goats snacking through their yards.

Joe Parris, a reporter with local NBC affiliate KTVB, tweeted a series of photos from the scene, noting that neighbors had no idea where the animals had come from when they descended around 7 a.m. He further reported the munching goats took a bit of a toll on residents' landscaping.

Turns out, the goats did indeed have a place they were supposed to be. A business called We Rent Goats, which owns a swarm of 500-plus goats and rents them out to clean up weeds and brush up yards or pastures, had dropped off a herd of 118 goats at an area pond to do a bit of, well, maintenance.

"It was fully-fenced — a 6-foot-tall wood fence — and we thought it was going to be good," Matt Gabico, co-owner of We Rent Goats, told TODAY. "And it was, but apparently from (the goats) leaning on it, they pushed some boards and got out."

Gabico said animal control had arrived on the scene first but quickly realized the huge herd wouldn't fit in its truck. So We Rent Goats showed up shortly after with its own 20-foot-long, 2-story trailer that can fit up to 200 goats at one time.

The team of employees shuffled the animals up a ramp and into the trailer.

All 118 goats have been retrieved and are back where they're supposed to be, according to Gabico, concluding the short-lived "goat-a-palooza."