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Double trouble! Rare red panda twins are super snuggly

Auckland Zoo's baby red panda twins cuddle in their nest box.

It's double the fun at New Zealand's Auckland Zoo, where Nepalese red panda twins were born last month. 

The two tykes, who won't be named until a veterinarian confirms their sex in March, are not only adorable, but their birth is also welcomed news for the threatened red panda species, whose population in the wild has been declining.

One of the red panda twins at the Auckland Zoo smiles for the camera.

"These births are fantastic news, both for Australasia and for the wider Global Species Management Plan through which red panda are managed," said the zoo's acting carnivore team leader Lauren Booth in a press release

The bears, who were born Jan. 3, will eventually leave Auckland for another location to help with international breeding, but until then, they are resting in a nest box and recently hit the major milestone of opening their eyes. The twins are expected to journey out of the box and join their parents, 4-year-old Bo and 13-year-old Sagar, along with their 1-year-old brother Pabu, in an enclosure as soon as March.