Doggy duty! German shepherd gets jury summons

IV Griner
IV GrinerBarrett Griner IV

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By Amy Eley
Five-year-old IV GrinerToday

Perhaps the court system is getting a little desperate for willing jurors.

Last Friday, IV Griner received a jury summons from the local country clerk's office in New Jersey. But there was one problem: IV is a dog.

"I knew there was a mistake right away," the dog's owner, Barrett Griner IV, told

Sent from the Cumberland County Clerk of Courts, the letter was addressed to IV Griner, the 5-year-old German shepherd. "It's a mistake that happens all the time," Griner said. "It's a computer error that looks for names and sends it out."

Jury summons for IV Griner.Today

Griner named the female dog (it's pronounced "Ivy") after his surname, which contains the number IV. Computer systems occasionally search from Griner IV by simply searching his full last name, which would subsequently generate the dog's full name. 

Griner IV has yet to contact the county clerk office, but he will let them know soon that his dog will not be appearing for jury duty later this month. 

"It's funny how it played out," he said. "How many people really name their dog IV?"