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Doggie go Bragh: When Irish St. Patrick's Day pets are smiling

Submitted by Jeffrey Hood / UGC
A thousand shades of green.

Check out these wonderful photos, sent in by our readers, of their pets dressed up for St. Patrick's day. I truly loved all the backdrops, costumes and props. (There is even an iguana!) We got so many submissions that we will have two blog posts. Stay tuned tomorrow for Part II.

Submitted by Liz Kummer / UGC
Kiss us, we're Irish!
Submitted by Gena Knighten / UGC
Ike the kitty is always ready to party.
Submitted by Tricia Jacknowitz / UGC
Little miss leprechaun!
Submitted by Jamilyn Hamlin / UGC
Cutest little shamrock!
Submitted by Sheila Guarnotta / UGC
Irish Princesses!
Submitted by Retta Fox / UGC
St. Patty's day iguana?!
Submitted by Jeanne Fleischhacker / UGC
"Does this crown make my head look big?"
Submitted by Elizabeth Filkins / UGC
"I'm a wee bit Irish"
Submitted by Sharon Battocletti / UGC
Boomer is ready for the party.

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