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This dog met her playtime match in a BB-8 toy — and the footage is adorable

/ Source: TODAY

Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart when it comes to cuteness — or droid lovers.

Sure, it starts off innocent enough. Uva, who appears to be a black lab, meets her playtime match in BB-8, the universally-beloved droid from "Star Wars." The spherical robotic toy moves quickly and emits some hilarious noises, too, making it the ideal dog toy.

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We're captivated by the odd couple, and the adorability level is frankly off the charts. Uva shuffles the toy along the wooden floor while her owner looks on behind the camera, documenting her every move (luckily for us). Every now and then, BB-8 takes control, zooming straight at Uva, who's left to dodge the toy playfully.

But then, around the 30-second mark, everything changes.

That's when BB-8's head rolls off.


Its body makes a few dismal attempts at continuing to move before appearing to ... well, there's no other way to say it. Die.

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A tragedy. And though the toy is meant to be pulled apart and put back together (it's a magnet!), Uva has a bit of trouble with the latter half of that sequence. So BB-8's head becomes the object of her attention for the remainder of the short clip.

Despite the droids sacrifice, we have to admit the rest is pretty cute, though. We'll give you that. Happy watching!