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Dog gives birth to 8 puppies at Tampa airport! See the moving photos

A pregnant dog named Ellie gave birth with the help of paramedics at Tampa International Airport on Friday.
/ Source: TODAY

Travelers and employees of Tampa International Airport got the surprise of a lifetime when a dog named Eleanor "Ellie" Rigby gave birth to eight puppies inside the main terminal.

The 2-year-old golden retriever, who officials identified as a service dog, was set to board a flight to Philadelphia on Friday with her owner, Diane Van Atter, when the dog suddenly went into labor.

Aircraft Rescue Firefighters (ARFF) responded to the call for help, according to Jason Penny, the public information officer for Tampa Fire and Rescue.

Diane Van Atter hugs Ellie
Diane Van Atter hugs her dog, Ellie, while emergency responders help the dog give birth.Tampa Fire and Rescue

Emily Nipps, senior communications manager for Tampa International Airport, told that a nurse in the crowd of bystanders stepped in to assist before they arrived. She was able to help deliver five of the pups before leaving to catch her flight.

Apparently, the dramatic ordeal went on for about four hours, Nipps added. It's not yet clear why the dog was traveling while pregnant.

Lt. Natalie Brown was a first responder and said the situation was "magical."

Ellie nursing with Diane, Natalie and Larry
Ellie's owner originally thought the dog was pregnant with seven, not eight, pups! Tampa Fire and Rescue

She was at the fire station when she got the call that puppies were being born at the airport.

"My partner and I jumped in the rescue car. By the time we got to the air site, two puppies had already been born," Brown told

"I got my (obstetrics and gynecology) kit. I wanted to move the dog to a quieter area, but the owner was concerned about moving her so I said, 'No problem.' It was an incredible moment," she said.

Ellie nurses her puppies
Ellie nurses her puppies shortly after giving birth.Tampa Fire and Rescue

Brown said that some passengers were so moved by the situation that they told her they were going to miss their connecting flights because what they were witnessing was just "too beautiful."

The puppies’ father, Golden Nugget, who was also set to travel, was excitedly jumping around as Ellie gave birth to seven male pups and one female.

By the end of the ordeal, Ellie peacefully nursed her pups in the terminal while amazed onlookers posted pics to social media.

"We’re a full-service department!" the Tampa Fire and Rescue department tweeted.