Watch this excited dog faint after being reunited with her owner (Don't worry, she's okay!)

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By Emily Wickwire

Rebecca Ehalt may have missed her dog while away in Europe, but it's clear that her pet schnauzer missed her so much that it knocked the poor pooch off her feet — literally.

Ehalt visited her family's home in Pennsylvania earlier this week from Slovenia, where she's currently living, for a wedding reception that her parents had planned for Ehalt and her husband. Upon returning, she reunited with her 9-year-old schnauzer, Casey, whom she hadn't seen in two years. 

The video shows Casey excitedly jumping on Ehalt and attempting to smother her with kisses. But the happiness at Ehalt's return is eventually a bit too much for her, and the little pooch wobbles a little bit before passing out on the ground. 

Ehalt, who uploaded the video to YouTube on Thursday, conceded that the reaction might be because the absence felt much longer to her pup. Their two-year separation "in fairness is 14 years in dog years," she wrote in the caption with the video. 

"I think the video really says it," Ehalt's sister, Rachel Abbett, told about the reunion. 

As for the high-pitched noises Casey makes, that's apparently normal for schnauzers. "Anyone who's familiar with the breed knows they're a little higher pitched," Abbett said. 

Though Abbett said they've never seen Casey faint before and that they were initially worried about her, Casey was given a clean bill of health after a visit to the vet Friday morning — a happy ending to an even happier video.