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Dog is the face of pure relaxation during puppy massage

/ Source: TODAY

Forget about being a cool cat, this chilled-out dog is the new way to be!

Stress is a normal — and sometimes overwhelming — part of life. When you feel the pressure mounting, it may be a good idea to get a massage and let all that tension melt away. Just take a cue from this pup In a video posted to YouTube yesterday. No one's ever enjoyed a massage more than this 2-year-old Toto!

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The clip, filmed in Bangkok, Thailand, according to the caption, shows one relaxed pooch who appears to be no stranger to spa treatments. Indeed, Toto must have been stressed because a massage was exactly what he needed! The pup lies completely still throughout the entire massage, letting his massage therapist do all the work.

Toto's whole body remains limp and relaxed. Even his face is the epitome of Zen. (We're a little envious of his newfound tranquility!)

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Next time stress is getting you down, just let this adorable dog remind you of the joys of relaxation!