Dog cleans up at Halloween parade with ingenious mop costume

/ Source: TODAY

What's sweeter than candy? Keki the dog dressed as a mop for Halloween.

Although "dressed" may not quite be the right word, since Keki herself was the costume.

Keki is a Hungarian puli dog, a breed known for herding sheep and for growing striking, ropy locks of hair. (There's a complicated art to grooming these dogs as you can see in this 1987 guide.)

How will your costume top this dog dressed as a mop?Courtesy of Laurie Delaney

Keki showed off her adorable stuff at a recent dog Halloween parade in Covington, Kentucky, being pushed around for all to admire in a bright yellow janitor bucket.

She charmed the crowd, as well as the internet, becoming a viral sensation.

Keki doesn't mind being pushed around.Courtesy of 2 Point Farm LLC

Keki's owner, a veterinarian with All Creatures Hospital, was not immediately available for an interview.

Someone described as "a source close to Keki" told The Dodo that the pupper has enjoyed her moment in the spotlight, and in the bucket, saying she "loved the attention and petting she received."

We love it, too, Keki. Happy Howl-o-ween!