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A dog in braces? It happened, and here's the important reason why

Dogs don't generally seem to care about their pearly whites, but Wesley the Golden Retriever is an exception.
/ Source: TODAY

Dogs don't generally seem to care about their pearly whites, but this Golden Retriever is an exception.

But a dog in braces? Isn't that the ultimate in vanity pet care?

You might be surprised, actually. Let's straighten things out by introducing you to Wesley, a happy-go-lucky 6-month-old Golden Retriever. As reported by The Dodo, Wesley had a problem with his teeth: They were growing in misaligned and he couldn't close his mouth completely, which made eating difficult.

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Enter Harborfront Hospital for Animals, a clinic in Michigan, and Dr. James Moore, a dog dentist who knows about all canines, both furry and toothy. (Wesley is owned by Molly Moore, the doc's daughter.)

As Harborfront's Facebook post noted, fixing a dog's teeth is not for looks, but due to health concerns. And Wesley won't even have to wear his for very long, just a couple of weeks.

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And based on his photos, Wesley clearly has lots to smile about!

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