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This dog and baby love to cuddle, and we can't get enough

What happens when babies and dogs join forces? Internet magic.
/ Source: TODAY

It's no secret that babies are cute — and, of course, the same could be said for dogs. But what happens when they join forces? Internet magic.

Baby Archie and his cuddle buddy, an 8-year-old rescue dog name Nora, might just be the most adorable duo you've ever seen.

In a photo posted to Instagram Thursday, Nora is seen taking a quick nap with 8-month old Archie, who cuddles a stuffed dog. The sleepy-time photo already has over 4,500 likes.

The photo was posted by Elizabeth Spence, a Canadian mother of three — to clarify, she's the mother of three kids, three rescue cats and three rescue dogs. Spence's Instagram account has more than 35,000 followers, all eager to see her adorable family cuddles!

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Though her house can be chaotic, Spence, 43, and her husband Michael, 42, don't mind. "We like it," Spence told TODAY. "It's crazy, but we're happy!"

Spence, a stay-at-home mom, started to learn photography to be able to capture important moments in her kids' lives.

Though Spence doesn't refer to herself as a professional photographer yet, her photos are stunning. "Last year my husband bought me a better camera," she said. "That's when I started to have more fun."

She loves to post photos of Nora and Archie, who have a very special bond. Spence is sure to never leave Archie unattended during a nap, no matter which fluffy creature he's snuggling with.

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"Somehow we have the most affectionate animals ever," she said. "There's always a pile of cats somewhere, or a pile of dogs and a baby. Everyone gets along pretty well."

All of the animals are rescues from Funds for Furry Friends, which is a nationally registered charity that is a foster home-based rescue, meaning animals stay in foster homes until they're able to be placed in forever homes.

Spence, who lives in Winnipeg, Canada, wants people to know that rescue animals are great options for pets. "I think sometimes people think that they may have problems," she said.

Nora came from a puppy mill and was left outside for the first year of her life, but, according to Spence, is the most loving and most passive dog. Spence wants her photos to show people how loving rescue animals can be.

"Don't think that they're damaged goods," she said. "They're as worthy of a home as anyone else."

For more adorable pictures of all the cuddling-cuteness, check out Spence's Instagram!