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Distracted beagle wins hearts at Westminster Dog Show with entertainingly bad run

A beagle named Mia will not win Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show, but she did steal everyone's heart in her adorably distracted performance.
/ Source: TODAY

Mia is an adorable beagle and sometimes she can't help doing beagle things even in the heat of competition at the Westminster Dog Show.

During Saturday's Masters Agility Championship in New York City, Mia had to pause for a second just to take in the whole scene at Madison Square Garden and it melted everyone's heart.

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"Don't be a beagle, don't be a beagle," the play-by-play announcer implored. Alas, Mia was a beagle (or really any dog that we all love, for that matter).

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She became distracted during the competition and had to stop and get a look at the scene behind her for a moment.

Later in her run, she stopped to sniff her hindquarters because you always want to smell fresh for the big race.

Finally, right before running up a ladder, she had to stop one last time and take a gander at the whole scene. Who are all these people and do any of them have a chew toy for me?

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Mia is not going to win Best in Show, but she will always have the moment she won the day by being a true dog, as the announcers perfectly summed up.

"That was a delightfully entertaining run!"

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