Did I do that? Here's what happened when a pup got into calligraphy ink

/ Source: TODAY

One playful pooch didn't hear the words "good boy!" when his family returned home from a night at the movies — because what they came home to was a real horror.

According to an Imgur user (with a not-so-safe-for-work username), it took this Siberian husky just three hours to transform the residence from tidy to totally covered in black ink.

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Apparently, after knocking over a pot of calligraphy ink and walking through the puddle, the dog decided what he really wanted to do was to take a stroll through the house.

Back and forth.

A few times.

No surface seemed safe, until the furry fella made it to the bedroom.

As one commenter noted, it seems like the dog remembered "I'm not allowed on the bed!"

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Despite the look of it, both pup and home are just fine now.

"It's traditional ink for Chinese calligraphy practice," the original poster added. "100% bio and non-toxic to dog or human."

And it mops right up!

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