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Cutest thing ever: Polar bear cub smiles for the camera


This astonishingly adorable polar bear cub lives at the Buffalo Zoo in Western New York, where zoo officials are shouting a message from the rooftops: Help us keep polar bears in Buffalo!

To that end, they’ve been working for two years to raise the $18 million needed to build a new polar bear exhibit and entrance. They’ve brought in $14 million so far, and, with $4 million left to go, they’ve introduced this fuzzy bundle of cuteness to a swooning public.

This 2-month-old polar bear puts her best paw forward!

The baby bear is still too small to go on exhibit at the Buffalo Zoo, but zoo visitors can watch her on closed-circuit television from noon to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. She was born on Nov. 27 to proud parents Anana (mom) and Nanuq (dad).

To learn more about the zoo’s campaign to construct a new polar bear exhibit, check out this Facebook page.