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Cute warning: This tiny koala might just be too adorable

/ Source: TODAY

If you need a daily dose of adorable, we've got one for you in the form of a delightful baby koala.

But be careful! You might want to pace yourself as you scroll through the photos and video below. This mini marsupial is big on cute.

Yes, that's her perched atop a tiny teddy bear's head — don't say we didn't warn you!

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Louise is a 12-ounce Hawks Nest koala — a variety on the brink of extinction — who was recently saved by HKPS Koala Care and Rescue in Australia, after she was found cold and alone at the base of a tree.

Rescuers tried to reunite the joey with her mother when the adult koala was discovered in the treetop, but mom just wasn't interested.

Now little Louise is in safe hands — and a tiny knit cap — with the nonprofit group.

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She turned out to be a model rescue — just look at that little model!

And if you thought she could melt your heart simply sitting there, wait until you see her in motion.

She's just too much.

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