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Cute wallaby gives a big hug to a teddy bear

Talk about a bear hug! An orphaned wallaby gives a big hug to a teddy bear. Does it get any cuter?
/ Source: TODAY

Truth be told, who doesn't need to hug a teddy bear every now and then? The comfort those furry snuggly friends provide is honestly like no other. Humans and animals alike (yes, you heard correctly) just can't resist them at any age.

This little wallaby, cutely known as Doodlebug, is no different. He just loves his teddy bear.

Earlier this week, Tim Beshara of Australia posted a picture on Twitter of an orphaned wallaby named Doddlebug sweetly hugging his teddy bear. Beshara said his mother, Gillian Abbot, is a a wildlife caretaker and took the photo.

Talk about a bear hug! The adorable photo has since gone viral, getting thousands of retweets and favorites. Good thing Beshara's mom had her camera handy because this was a moment not to be missed. It's picture perfect!

Beshara is right. There really is a value to a good hug for all. We've all had our days of needing ones just like Doodlebug. This wallaby and his teddy are just so precious!