See 14 of the most adorable Halloween pet costumes

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By Amy Eley

Humans aren't the only ones who can indulge in Halloween fun. 

Whether they're sporting a simple lion's mane or a full-fledged Mario costume, pets make some of the cutest Halloween characters padding around the streets — or greeting trick-or-treaters at home. Take a look at these adorable Halloween-ready pets, and check out more photos TODAY readers shared on our Facebook page. 

Janessa Morton Resendes shared this adorable photo of "Mario and Luigi off to save the princess."Today

Carolyn Raineri's dogs, Jada, Scarlett and Lola, are ready to follow the yellow brick road dressed as the leading characters from "The Wizard of Oz."Today
Wonder Woman to the rescue! Jennifer Bortz had some fun dressing up her cute dog as the popular superhero. Today
Who are you looking at? Catherine V. Favaro snapped this photo of her dog dressed up as a bumblebee. Today
Rachel Leah's cat sported a bow tie and hat during its nap. Today
Who's more angelic than Megan Simpson's sweet kitty?Today
We're not too sure what MaryBeth Daly's puppy, Molly, was dressed up as for Halloween, but she sure is adorable. Today
Owner Daniele Omalza had some fun dressing up her dog Manny as a news reporter with bushy eyebrows, black glasses and a mustache. Today
Who knew pugs said moo? Christina Price's pug spent one Halloween dressed up as one very cute cow. Today
Dressed up as Superman, Johanna Parker's English bulldog is ready to rescue. Today
May the force be with Angie Zimbelman Hoskins' two boys and labradoodle dressed up as "Star Wars" characters.Today
Roar! Jamie Alaska's dog became a lion on Halloween thanks to a doggy mane. Today
Karen Kraus' bunny, Yoshi, joined in on the Halloween fun dressed up as a caterpillar.Today
Yo ho! It's a pirate's life for Janet Shwayhat's dog, whose costume came complete with a parrot. Today