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Adorable golden retriever loses terribly in competition ... but is also a winner!

A dog that can follow instructions is a valuable companion. Sit! Stay! Roll over! Come here! Most of us would call a canine who could do those things smart

But for dogs, impressing us with their ability to do tricks does not always trump a tasty treat.

Say hello to a very special golden retriever, who recently appeared on the Finnish dog show "Koira Mestari." He lost the focus portion of the agility competition, and lost it badly — for unlike the other dogs in the contest, when this one was presented with a long straightaway littered with doggie distractions, he didn't avoid them. He dove right in to them.

But did he really lose? We think not. The other pooches may have earned a pat on the head from their owners or a blue ribbon, but Goldie here? He got to chow down. He got to munch on a soft toy. He clearly had the most fun of all.

A valuable lesson for all of us. (The video has over 4 million views since it was posted in mid-October, so we're obviously paying attention.)

Watch the video for the whole, hilarious escapade!

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