Cute alert! Watch this baby polar bear (kind of) take his first steps

Toronto Zoo polar bear takes first steps.
Toronto Zoo

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By Amy Eley

Brace yourself for major cuteness with this video of a 2-month-old polar bear cub taking his first steps. 

Posted on Facebook by the Toronto Zoo, the video shows the cub squeak as he sways back and forth and stumbles around a white blanket. 

“Take a peek at our new male polar bear cub taking his first steps forward,” the zoo posted with the video. “More cuteness to come!”

The video was recorded on Monday and since then, the yet-to-be-named cub has been able to work on his stride up to six times a day and is expected to get the hang of those paws in no time.

“This morning he took quite a long time to get back to sleep so he’s getting more active every day,” Dr. Graham Crawshaw, Toronto Zoo’s senior veterinarian, told 

The 9-pound polar bear was born in Nov. 2013, and is not only practicing getting up on all fours, but he is also chugging a bottle of milk six times a day, growing whiskers and, while most of the U.S. is shivering from the polar vortex, this little guy is reveling with an air conditioner that was recently installed in his room.

In February or early March, he will be added to an enclosure. In the meantime, he has other things to look forward to.

“We might introduce him to some snow in the next week or two,” Crawshaw said. “The keepers made a little snow cave so he’ll get to check that out.”