Couple holds wedding at a cat sanctuary — with 1,100 furry guests

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/ Source: TODAY
By Rebekah Lowin

So, it's one thing to have animals at your wedding. Ring-bearing dogs, for instance, are super cute.

It's another thing to have your wedding at a cat sanctuary.

And it's a whole other thing entirely to only invite cats to your wedding.

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... That isn't to say we don't absolutely love everything about the nuptials of Dominic Husson and Louise Véronneau. We do! A lot. We're just pointing out that this is, well, not entirely normal.

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But as long as they didn't eschew the whole rice tradition and replace it with litter (nightmares! Bless them, they didn't), then we've got to applaud their nonconformism.

The Canadian couple recently flew to California's no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary, the Cat House on the Kings, to say their vows before approximately 1,100 fur balls.

"We are both animal lovers. And (that) shows she's a great person, and that's why I wanted to marry her," Husson told NBC News. Doesn't get much more romantic than a straight-to-the-point explanation like that.

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As for the rest of you ambitious cat lovers: If you're wondering whether this sanctuary performs wedding ceremonies on the reg, well, they don't. But who knows? Maybe this is the start of a new trend.