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Coolest dog ever just hangs out on lawnmower during live broadcast

Sometimes it just takes watching an incredibly relaxed dog riding a lawnmower to make your day a little brighter.

That's one sentence we never thought we'd write.

Reporter Andrea Martinez of KYTX was live on-air in Malakoff, Texas, showing viewers the aftermath of the state's recent tornadoes when something very strange and equally hilarious came into her line of view.

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As Martinez is evaluating the damage when she screams, "Oh my god! Come see!" and motions cameraman to catch the dog on film.

"Look at that dog!" she laughs, as the camera zooms in.

Lo and behold, on the other side of a fence was a dog, casually hanging out on a lawnmower.

"That is so great!" Martinez exclaims.

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After a few seconds, the dog scoots further up on the seat and turns his face away from the camera as if to say, "I've had enough of this closeup."

The real question that needs to be asked: Any chance this pup actually knows how to mow the lawn?