How do you bandage a tail? This baby 'roo is back on his feet after brush fire

/ Source: TODAY

Yarloop, a town in Western Australia, is currently reeling from recent brush fires — and its wildlife is reeling, too.

That's no more clearly evidenced than by this photo of a baby kangaroo (a "joey"), which certainly made us stop in our tracks. Yarloop's latest victim found himself bandaged up after the fires singed his tail and badly burned all of his paws, as Samantha Dunne, trainee veterinary nurse at Waroona Veterinary Clinic told the Huffington Post Australia.

“Some locals spent quite some time trying to catch him — he’s super quick — but he was obviously hungry enough to approach them for hand feeding,” she continued.

And though some may wonder if this 'roo's actually got a fighting chance with so many bandages all over him, Dunne was quick to explain that the clinic really can work wonders on the animals.

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“When they’re with us, we’re able to treat their wounds, keep them hydrated, comfortable and look after them as best we can with the goal to release them into the wild."

Here's hoping he and his friends bounce right back.