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A cheetah and a pup become best friends at the Metro Richmond Zoo

The Metro Richmond Zoo just made our day.
/ Source: TODAY

The Metro Richmond Zoo just made our day.

It's not that this is the first time a cheetah and a pup have bonded, but we're still pretty excited to see the unexpected pair come together. So excited, in fact, that we've scoured the Metro Richmond Zoo's Facebook page to cull our favorite photos of the lovable duo.

According to the zoo's website, "Kumbali was the runt of his litter and while his siblings continued to gain weight, he started losing weight ...To ensure all of the cubs’ survival we pulled Kumbali to hand raise him. We instantly fell in love with him, but Kumbali was in need of a companion."

As for Kago, a yellow lab mix born in Alabama in May of this year, he was abandoned before being rescued by The Art of Paws.

"He was brought to Virginia, where we ultimately found him through a cooperating rescue organization, AWOL MUTTS."