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Charlie has been working hard, and he's ready to show off some new skills

TODAY's puppy with a purpose is making great progress with his training!
/ Source: TODAY

Over the past few months, Charlie has been hard at work training to be service dog for a veteran in need, and he's learned quite a few new skills!

TODAY's puppy with a purpose has made some impressive strides — for instance, he can now use his touch skills to turn lights on and off and push doors and cabinets closed.

Turning lights on and off is a useful skill if Charlie's veteran has a physical disability or post-traumatic stress. TODAY

Both are useful skills for a veteran with a physical disability or post-traumatic stress, who may feel more comfortable entering a well-lit room!

He's also learning to pick up items for his trainer, Olivia, and he's getting used to holding items in his mouth.


Charlie's training with America's VetDogs also requires him to learn how to assist people who use wheelchairs.

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And since most doorways are not wide enough for Charlie and a wheelchair, he's learned to go through the door first, wait for a command and then back up to allow his handler through.

This skill keeps Charlie safe and out of the way when his veteran has to enter doorways.TODAY

And this last skill is probably the cutest one he's learned!

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In times of high stress or anxiety, Charlie can rest his head in his veteran's lap. Who wouldn't feel less overwhelmed after looking into his adorable eyes?

Once Charlie is fully trained as a service dog, he won't just have practical skills. He's also going to be fantastic and compassionate companion for one lucky vet to come home to!