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Why Charlie the beagle is the best nanny ever

Looking for an extra hand with your baby? What about a paw?

Daniel Drzewiecki and Julija Kolpakowa are getting help with their 6-month-old baby, Laura, from Charlie — their pet beagle — and are documenting the pup's child-rearing skills in a series of popular YouTube videos.

Since April, nearly 13 million viewers have watched 2-year-old Charlie shower a crying Laura with toys. He also can be seen rocking the baby in her swinging crib, helping with diaper changes, bringing Laura her blanket (after stealing it from her) and in the most recent video,  tossing toy balls — one at a time —into the baby's crib.

Drzewiecki, who currently lives in Ireland with his family, started training Charlie to help with Laura just a month after she was born, hoping to bond the dog with the new addition to the family. “I didn’t want Charlie to feel jealous of the baby," Drzewiecki told 

And while the training certainly helped Charlie's relationship with Laura, it also helped the first-time parents juggle the duties that come with a baby.

“Having Charlie around is really helpful,” said Drzewiecki. “He can do a lot of things but he also makes us laugh every day.”